Thursday, June 13, 2013

Say "Hello" to Nico & Alex!

Since last week's post was the first in 6 months, I have plenty of photo sessions to share with y'all.  Today, it's time to meet twins Nico & Alex!  

These little boys are just adorable, and at 11 months old (when I photographed them last November) they were already acting like rough and tumble boys.  Some of their facial expressions are just hilarious.  Their parents, Gina and Dan, were on hand to help keep them happy as well as their maternal grandparents.  And thank goodness!  I was tired after photographing twins for a couple hours; I can't imagine how tired I would be if I was raising them.  Hats off to all parents of multiples!  

Here are some of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy and don't be shy, leave a comment! :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Where have the past six months gone? I mean seriously, how have six months passed since I have put up a blog post?  Well that is changing NOW, with the follow up on Wendy & John's wedding sneak peek.

Wendy and John got married on a beautiful November afternoon at Malibou Lake Mountain Club.  Many of the wedding details were done by her close friends and bridesmaids (which include the wedding cake and bridal makeup).  Wendy and John's day was filled family, friends, style and most of all, love.  The day was even more poignant because John had recently gotten a job in Berlin and the newlyweds were moving the day after Christmas!  The smiles and tears flowed all evening long. 

Not only did Wendy and John's easy going attitude make the day run smoothly, but wedding coordinator Olivia Wu with Zoie Events, my second photographer, Frances and my assistant Brittany (who both are amazing photographers!) were amazing at keeping everything on schedule and efficient.  Such a great team! 

These are just a few of my favorites (there are so many!!).  They are such a fun and loving couple it made it easy to photograph them.  And I just got their album delivered and cannot wait to present it to them when they come back to L.A. to visit in August.  It looks FABULOUS!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Three's Company: Jade + Dom + Jaxon A Family Portrait

Jade and Dom have been letting me photograph their lives since I started my business three years ago.  Headshots, a wedding and a maternity session have been so much fun to photograph with the two of them.  And now it's three of them!  Their son Jaxon arrived last year and at his eight month birthday they asked me to photograph this cutie patootie.  The entire family is ridiculously photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera!

This post is long overdue, but in honor of his 1st birthday, here are some of my favorite photos of Jaxon and his parents from early August.

Happy Tuesday!